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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't ask, you don't know.

What does a doula do?

As a doula, I help with informational, physical, and emotional support throughout your pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum.  For informational support, I help you ask the right questions of your care providers, so you can make the best decisions for you and your family.  I provide physical support in providing recommendations for position changes to help speed labor, manage pain, and also offer other pain coping measures, such as acupressure, to help you during your labor.  For emotional support, I facilitate communication between you and your spouse/partner to serve as a continual support person for BOTH of you, as well as helping you preparing for and carrying out your plans for birth.  Additionally, I will be with you throughout your labor process.  Sometimes when a woman arrives woman arrives at the hospital, she may not have continual support from her nurse if there are many women in labor at the same time she is.  In these situations, a doula is the ONLY continuous caregiver who is with you from beginning to end instead of a rotating staff of nurses and a doctor that comes in a couple of times to check on you.

What are the benefits of having a doula?

Studies have shown that women supported by a doula in labor have a 50% reduction in C-section rate, 25% shorter labor, 60% reduction in epidural requests, 40% reduction in Pitocin use, 30% reduction in analgesia use, and 40% reduction in forceps delivery.  Additionally at six weeks postpartum, women who had a doula had a higher incidence of breastfeeding, were less anxious, had higher self-esteem, were less likely to be depressed, reported more satisfaction with their partners, and regarded both themselves and their babies in a positive light.

How is a doula different than a doctor, midwife, or nurse?

As a doula, I do not do anything medical.  For example, I will not deliver your baby, provide vaginal exams to check cervical dilation, listen to the baby's heart tones, monitor the mother's vitals, or provide prenatal medical care or medical exams of any kind.

What are your fees?

My fee for doula services is $1500.  Some discounts available for those who qualify.  Please contact me to schedule a FREE consult to meet and discuss my fees and any discounts you may qualify for.   Ultimately I want ALL women who want a doula at their birth to have one, so if you are interested, please reach out!

Are there any available discounts?

YES!  As a former teacher, I offer discounts for teachers/school district employees, emergency response workers, and active/veteran military OR their spouses.  (Must provide provide proof of current employment/staff ID to receive this discount.)  Please contact me to schedule your FREE consult to meet and discuss discounts!

Do you accept payment plans?

Absolutely!  I require a $200 deposit to secure your spot on my calendar and hire me as your doula.  $900 is due by your 37 weeks gestation, and any remaining balance is due either at your birth or by the postpartum visit.  If further assistance is needed, please contact me to schedule your FREE consult and discuss payment plan options.

Do you accept health insurance?

I do not accept health insurance, but some med share programs provide money towards a doula.

You want to take a birth class when you still have time to ask your provider any questions you may have about the things you learn and practice the exercises and relaxation techniques I teach in class.  Ideally you would want to do this by 34 weeks, but it's NEVER too late to get ready for your best birth!  My two day course is perfect for women in their 2nd or 3rd trimester.  If you want to learn at a slower pace, you'd want to begin my 8 week course between 25-27 weeks gestation.

When should I take a birth class?

What makes your birth class different from others I've seen online or locally?

Online classes are great when you're in a scheduling bind, but nothing beats the personalized touch of an in person class.    In person I'm able to show maternal positioning and we can practice exercises that will help your baby be in better alignment with your pelvis for a shorter, more comfortable labor experience.  I have also taken the time to attend and be qualified as a Spinning Babies® Parent Educator and I have experience as a Hypnobabies® Hypno-Doula.  Additionally, I was a high school educator for 12 years and started doing doula work towards the end of my career in public education.  I know how to deliver content and break it down, so you and your partner can easily understand the information.  I'm also able to incorporate my experience as a doula and the research/anecdotes I've seen to fully answer your questions. 


A comprehensive birth course like mine is simply not the same as a hospital class.  (I know because I've taken that class and in our family we truly believe in the phrase, "You get what you pay for.")  This is why I do not offer discounts for hospital classes because they mostly tend to address basic labor phrases, explain what medications are available, as well as hospital policy.  Taking a comprehensive birth class makes my job easier as your doula when labor does start and I've found that my Clients who have taken a birth class are significantly more prepared for what to expect in their birth, how to advocate for themselves, and the risks and benefits of anything that is being offered or that they might request.  If you have more questions about what my course covers, please reach out!  I'm happy to chat!

I don't see a birth class yet for the time I would need it.  Are you still available to do a class when I need it?

Yes!  I'm happy to schedule a class when it's convenient for you, provided my schedule allows and my friends at Empower Pelvic Health have availability.  If you don't see a class for when you'd need it, let's chat!

Do you offer any discounts if I take your birth class?

Yes!  For Clients who have hired me as their doula, I waive their class deposit.  Clients who take a birth class make my job as their doula SO much easier, so I also offer $100 off my doula services fee for taking my birth class.  

Additionally, my friends at Empower Pelvic Health are offering a complimentary perineal stretching session and guide (redeemable by 36 weeks) for anyone who takes my birth course.  This is a wonderful offer to get you ready for your birth in the effort to avoid natural tearing or the need for an episiotomy.

Are you against women using pain relieving drugs such as epidurals?

No!  I fully support the compassionate use of epidurals and other pain relieving drugs if that is what you desire.  My job as a doula is to make sure you know all of the possible risks and benefits associated with ANY intervention (including pain relieving drugs).  I do, however, believe it is important to request the epidural at the right time for it to be the most beneficial and that women should be familiar with other pain coping techniques until that time.  Ultimately I support YOU in how YOU want to birth your baby.

Can I have a doula if I end up having a C-section or if I choose to have an elective C-section?

If you are my client and you end up having to have a C-section, I will absolutely support you and your family however I am able.  If you are choosing to have an elective C-section for medical reasons or otherwise, I will absolutely support you.  However, it is your responsibility to check with your doctor and their policies about who is allowed to be with you during your C-section.

What areas do you serve?

I serve women and their families primarily in the Southeast Houston area including, but not limited to: Baytown, Clear Lake, Deer Park, Friendswood, Kemah, La Porte, League City, Pasadena, Pearland, and the Greater Houston Area.  I prefer attending births on the Southeast side of town, but will also attend births in the Houston Med Center.  I do not attend births on the north side of town (Spring, Conroe, the Woodlands) or the far west side of town (Katy).  Contact me to schedule a FREE consult to meet me and determine how I can meet your needs for your pregnancy and birth!

Can I have a doula if my hospital still has Covid policies?

Absolutely!  I work closely with my clients during our prenatal visits to provide them with the tools they need to be educated on risks and benefits BEFORE their labor even starts; however, it is the client's responsibility to check with their doctor and/or hospital to find out their policies on doulas/support people.  If a hospital does allow doulas, I am prepared to show my certification, if requested.  In the event a hospital does not allow more than one support person due to their own Covid policies, I am prepared to offer virtual doula services through apps like GoogleDuo, GoogleMeets, or Zoom, as technology allows.  If that doesn't work, I am always available by phone and/or text to assist you and your partner with strategies to help your labor be more effective.  Additionally, I am fully vaccinated and boosted for Covid-19 and and am also willing to wear a mask during any meetings or at your birth, if requested.


Please contact me to reach out with any questions about my doula services or birth course or to schedule your FREE consultation.

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